Herd Mentality


New Driveway?

To quote the old Pontiac commericials... "Wider is Better."
(I think the camera on my cellphone has had it)



Some pictures from the G.O.L.F tournament this past weekend. I know Kristi Strang is in Tappen, so I can beat her to posting these! I will not comment on the quality of play.

The Night Before...

Team E-85 aka Team Blown
(Blown is a new color, it's a combination of black/brown and rhymes with clown)

Team Sween Machine
(Why would Jeff mock me by calling our team that?)

Congratulations on your first Eagle*, Jeff.
*I didn't actually see it go in, so I still don't believe.


Just One

So I guess I have a new option on those nights I just want to go out for just one...

Good to Know

I went to drop off some lawn clippings and other recyclables last night at one of the city recycling centers. It's nice to know that I can now recycle other materials if there is ever an "incident" at work.


The Juice...Is Loose

Apparently OJ Simpson was spotted on Tuesday in Fargo. I work with a guy that went to high school with OJ's girlfriend, so I knew that she was from this area. (Also note that Michael Strahan's ex-wife is from ND) It's dominated the news lately to the point where it's a little embarrasing. Not as embarassing as this shot they got of him golfing in Ottertail however...


Rib Fest

AH...Rib Fest. The official start of summer in Fargo.

This year I went with the "Total Experience". The total experience consisted of a pound of meat, followed by a meat coma...and then the meat sweats.


A little different...

My house wasn't the prettiest house when I bought it, but I liked the price.

October 31st, 2003

May 20th, 2008

The siding made quite a bit of difference I'd say. If I ever told anybody how much it cost me to side my entire house with new soffit, facia, gutters...they'd never talk to me again. Then again, I had free labor as well. Since we finished the project so late (gutters went up when it was snowing), hopefully I get some time soon to finish painting window trim and putting in the new sidewalk that I tore out last fall to do the step. Fun, huh?


Time to Start Over

February - June 2007

I ended up having to return the original fridge I bought due to there was just no way I could ever get it to fit and still look right. I traded it in for what is now known in my house as the "Darth Vader Fridge". Everything was tore out, patched, painted and the installation of the IKEA cabinets began...

After the countertop arrived.... Some people ask why I didn't tear out the old linoleum and actually patched in the areas where I removed cabinets and the pantry. Simple. Most linoleum installed prior to about 1985 was asbestos backed.

Unfortunately, once the dishwasher was installed this project came to a screeching halt on June 20th with a phone call from my father. "Weren't you planning on residing your house at some point...?"